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Businesses offering payment terms to secure work is a standard practice of doing business. The downside of this is that it can effect the cash flow cycle, resulting in missed opportunities and challenges when a business is growing.

Platform Finance offer products that can ease the pressure on your cash flow and put you in a position of strength, so you can take on any job without concern about payment terms.

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Managing your cash flow effectively can be a constant struggle for business owners. We’ve got cash flow finance solutions that help smooth out even the lumpiest cash flows.

Pay your suppliers upfront

Improve relationships with key suppliers and secure discounts to increase margins.


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Bring forward money that is owed

Finance against invoices from completed work to pay for wages, stock and re-invest back into the business to generate sales.


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Get flexible payment terms 

Terms to suit your cash flow cycle to help you meet your goals. If you need to move forward on a business decision that requires a cash injection, cash flow finance could be for you.


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