5 Quick tips to reduce fuel costs

If you’re a frequent driver, you’ll no doubt have noticed that petrol prices are creeping up again.

But don’t despair, a few changes in your driving behaviour can actually help to offset these rising prices. Read through our top 5 tips below.

1. Don’t speed
No, really.. slow down if you want to save on fuel costs. Statistically, fuel consumption dramatically increases when your speed goes over about 90 km/h. Using techniques such as cruise control can help maintain a steadier speed which should also help reduce fuel usage.

2. Check your tyre pressure
Few drivers check tyre pressures regularly, but maintaining the maker’s recommended level uses less fuel and lengthens tyre life. It’s easy to keep on top of this because the correct pressure is usually written on a small sticker inside the driver’s door and the air pump at the service station is free!

3. Opt for a smoother drive
Driving at a consistent speed with less starting and stopping is much better for fuel consumption. Sorry peak hour drivers, this can mean sitting in traffic is actually costing you more. You should also avoid unnecessary acceleration and opt for taking your foot off the accelerator when you notice the traffic is stopped ahead of you.

4. Run all your errands in the same trip
This might sound obscure, but your car burns more fuel when it’s warming up. So, if you’re planning to make a few short trips in a day, try to do them with less downtime in between. This will ensure your engine is kept warm, and will burn less fuel getting back to its optimal temperature.

5. Reduce unnecessary weight from your vehicle
Still have those golf clubs in the boot of the car? It could be costing you. The more weight your vehicle carries, the more fuel it uses. So, make sure to take unnecessary items out of your car when you’re not using them.

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