Top 5 Hilarious Car Stickers

Bumper car stickers. Those little, sometimes large and tasteless PVC adhesives that adorn many a vehicle today. If you don’t have one yourself, it’s doubtless that you passed an SUV or Ute on the road that is painted with them. Indeed, it’s hard to miss them when you’re stuck in peak hour traffic.

For those of you up for a quick history lesson, the bumper sticker first appeared just before World War II and while no one is certain of the exact inventor, they have today become an avenue for drivers to advertise their opinions usually on politics, gender or their family.

Here are five bumper stickers we’ve noticed on the way to work:

The Ass Family

Ass Family

Rumour has it that the Ass Family also has a dog named ‘Jack’. Apparently, he can be a real pain in the ….!

Position Open

Position Open

Who needs to sign up to a dating site when you can display your availability on the rear window of your SUV? Indeed, your next soul mate could be sitting in the car directly behind you. Of course, with a message like this, it is likely that every car pulling up next to you at the traffic lights will be an admirer.

Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady

If you’re a female past the unspoken considered age of marriage, then perhaps it’s time to declare your love of cats. Because, let’s face it, the company of many cats is far more preferable than a wishy washy partner. That said, this lady looks to be collecting cats like they are Pokémon, she should really be careful not to obscure her rear mirror– safety first, of course.

Slide to Unlock

Slide to unlock

Off the back of Apple’s reigning successes, comes this car trialling the latest in car security technology. Slide to unlock, punch in your four digit personalised code and you can then download your groceries into your boot. We reckon someone should patent this and fast!

Pulled over

Pulled Over

Something tells me that this guy has already had a few run-ins with the law. At least, he knows why you are approaching his car. Let’s hope he knows why he was pulled over.

So if you think you have something particularly powerful you need to proudly display on the body of your car, speak to a specialist at Platinum Direct Finance and get a shiny new, sticker-less vehicle to slap on your own public FYI.


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