Top 7 Chick Magnet Cars

1973 Chevrolet Chevelle and Ryan Gosling.

What do these two things have in common apart from the nostalgic throwback that was the 2011 movie, Drive? It is that every female was swooning heavily at this winning combination.

And while we all know that Ryan Gosling is sexy, is there any truth to a sexy car making you more attractive to the opposite sex? In 2009, the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff conducted an experiment to ascertain whether a car can make you sexier. They photographed the same man and woman – first in a red Ford Fiesta and then in a silver Bentley Continental GT. The female participants upon viewing the photographs found the man in the Bentley rated significantly more attractive than the same man in the Fiesta. Your car can be the point of difference.

Here are seven cars that are likely to get her heart racing.

Nissan GT-R

This legendary award winning race car made famous by the Fast and the Furious franchise sports a 6-speed semi-automatic dual clutch transmission and is designed to perform on all terrains. With only four craftsmen in the world allowed to hand assemble a GTR’s engine- you only need lift the hood for proof.

For: the Lady who Appreciates Speed and Style
Nissan GTR
CC by MIKI Yoshihito

Cadillac Escalade

As SUV’s go, the Escalade is made more popular by the fact that rapper Macklemore rates it as his preferred choice of vehicle. The Escalade sports a 6.2L 403 horsepower V8 engine, seats with temperature control and the boast of going from 0-60 in 6.8 seconds- try it on for size.

For: the Lady who Values Style and Status
CC by FotoSleuth

Toyota Prius

Yes. You read right. This electric hybrid is not only fuel efficient and eco-friendly but your nice guy credentials are automatically increased without undermining your masculinity. The Prius is the eco-conscious choice for the sophisticated hippy and sparks will fly when she sees you doing your bit to save the planet.

For: the Lady who is Eco Conscious
CC by Robert Scoble

Jeep Wrangler

If the Jeeps’ lineage isn’t enough, the third generation Jeep is one of the timeless SUVs on the market. A perfect blend of adventure, sport and ruggedness with its’ smartly detailed interior, even if you do take it off road that one time you’ll be comfortable as all hell and ready for anything whilst escaping usual SUV stigmas.

For: the California Girl who is up for some bushwacking
Jeep Wrangler
CC by Ian Sane


With more torque than a regular hatchback, powered by a 1.6L 4-cylinder, twin-scroll turbo this 1 Series BMW is a great entry range vehicle into the luxury European market. Not quite a sports car this is sure to impress not least because of its well respected heritage.

For: the Lady who is Classy and Understated
BMW 116i
CC by M 93

Lexus LFA

The design team behind this car spent over a decade developing the LFA focusing primarily on its handling which results in a car that feels amazing, sounds awesome and rides hard. With only 500 on the market worldwide this car is a fine metaphor for the way every lady should be treated and savoured.

For: the Lady who Appreciates Classic Craftsmanship
Lexus LFA
CC by Moto@Club4AG

Rolls Royce Phantom

Leaving aside the imagery of Billy Zane in purple Lycra, the Phantom Family is a throwback to opulent elegance from a time bygone. Every Rolls Royce Phantom is hand built in Goodwood, England. State of the art technology and impeccable interiors mean you won’t ever go wrong.

For: The Lady who Inspired Joan Holloway
Rolls Royce Phantom
CC by exfordy


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