VW Amorak gets a powerful new upgrade

Six and a half years after its debut, the Amarok has been updated, both technically and visually.

The main update can be found under the bonnet, where Volkswagen has given the ute a new powerful, fuel-efficient 6-cylinder TDI engine.

It also comes with:

  • A more athletic front end,
  • A more upmarket feel
  • A new dash layout
  • Ergonomic, electrically adjustable seats,
  • New infotainment functions
  • Safety features such as the Multi-Collision Braking System

The new Amarok V6 will initially be available in the high-spec Highline range and Ultimate model. Both versions have a high level of safety features. Occupants are protected not just with driver and front passenger airbags, but with side and thorax airbags as well.

The design is in line with the latest Volkswagen design themes. The way the front section is divided is completely new with both the front and the interior more striking and pronounced. Overall this makes it more attractive as a ute and also appeals to customers moving from the traditional SUV segment.

At a length of 5.25 metres and a width of 2.23 metres (including the wing mirrors), the Amarok meets all the expectations of a classic ute. Despite its large size, getting into the Amarok is easy with doors that swing open wide and grab handles on the A and B pillars which help passengers climb into the cab.

The torque of the V6 diesel engine satisfies demand for greater traction at low revs and results low fuel consumption. The power level is 165 kW, providing sufficient propulsive and towing power for any situation.

At higher speeds, the long top gears of the automatic transmission reduce the engine revs and lower fuel consumption, thus helping to cut vehicle noise and lower CO2 emissions.

Pricing starts at $59,990.

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